On September 8th 2040, the human race fell…

While the planets were in  celestial alignment, dark forces returned to Earth.  Several diffrent factions returned from places unknown to conquer the planet for themselves.  During this chaos  humanity was almost completely wiped out due to the susurprise of their arrival and the power of the attackers.

Leaving humanity little choice, they bombed the planet with its nuclear arsenal.  The attackers had prepared for such a possibility.  The planet was not as harmed as it should have been.  But still the damage was severe. In 2256 a truce was forged between the factions.  Each faction claimed one to three large Citadel City States in each continent depending of the size of the continent in question.  It is now the year 2679.  These supernatural creatures have found ways to breed with the remaining human population.  These new races have amazing powers far beyond normal humans.  Yet they still live under the thumb of the dark races.  But something has changed.  The Five Kingdoms have begun whispering of another threat lingering on the edges of the world.  The time of revolution may have finally come!